Usage of Computers

computer uses

Over all these years, computers have revolutionized the way the we work. Below are some examples of people that use computers and why did they use it.

  • Teachers – Use computer to teach students. Using visual presentations like Powepoint, flash, websites. etc
  • Interior designers – Use computer to calculate the costs of the project. Uses computer as an aid to their designs.
  • Programmers – Use computer to write programs like software, websites, scripts.
  • Travel agencies – Use computer to peruse airline schedules and fares, rent hotel rooms, etc
  • Music producers – Uses computerized recordings to make tapes, cd roms of your favorite songs.
  • Admin staff – Use computer to do administrative work lik data entry, printing of documents.
  • Supermarket staff – Use computer to calculate the total cost of your purchases and issue you a sales slip.
  • Macdonalds – Use computer to allow customers to place orders.

So now you can see, with the invention of computers, it really makes the life of human easier. Work are automated, error free, highly efficient! And now you see the advantages of computer, if you do not know how to use a computer, you should learn it now. This blog will be dedicated to teach computer illiterate to be computer literate.

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