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Different kind of computers

July 5, 2008 Admin 8

Some computers are used to perform special stuff. They may be programmed to perform a task, let say for studying earthquake or for controlling some devices. […]


Computer software

July 4, 2008 Admin 6

Alone, a computer cannot operate with just its hardware, it need to be told what to do. A computer software is a list of instructions that […]


Computer Hardware

July 4, 2008 Admin 6

A computer is made up of several hardware, like the memory ram, the CPU, memory chips, graphics card,  keyboard, mouse etc. These are the various […]

hard disk

Computer Storage

July 3, 2008 Admin 6

Computer are used widely for storage of data. Like us, computers have memories too. And their memories, are called storage which are used to store […]

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