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It’s wasn’t many years ago that computers seems far removed from our daily life. Today, we can see computers everywhere, workplace, offices, schools, even restuarants. They are everywhere! Over millions of computers are setup in homes, offices factories, stores, shops, ships, aeroplanes. And everyone uses them! A five year old kid using pc’s to play games, retired people uses them, Artisits, engineers, programmers, soldiers, florists, coaches all uses computers. That’s the proof how computer is becoming so important within our lifes and so many jobs depends on computers! No computers, No job. No jobs, No money.

You may have heard of the term called computer-literate. What is computer-literate? It is defined as a person who understand computers, their functions, and how to operate them. This does not mean that the person knows how to build or modify computers or is able to create programs that is used to operate the computers. In simple terms, its just means that the person recognized the importance of the role that computer plays in today worlds. That person also know how to use computer to perform task, just as calculating, using microsoft word to type things, printing, designing. etc.

In the current world, everyone must know computer, as the technology is advancing at such an incredible speed. Of course, there are many definite advantages and benefit for being a computer iliterate.

  1. You are able to complete task quickly and more accurately.
  2. You have more job opportunities and being hired for better pay. Just browse through the classified section of the newspaper. So many employers are looking for employees that are computer literate.
  3. More chances of promotion to high position in workplace.
  4. Get and retain customers and clients.

In the next article, we will be talking about who uses computer and why is there a need for computer

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