Computer Hardware


A computer is made up of several hardware, like the memory ram, the CPU, memory chips, graphics card,  keyboard, mouse etc. These are the various pieces of equipment that are connected to the computer and these equipment are called peripherals. There are three different type of peripherals, the input, output and storage devices.

Input Devices are used to enter information and instructions into the computer. Examples of input devices are the keyboard, that is used for typing, the mouse, gaming joystick, and drawing tablet.

Output Devices are used to receive information from the computer. Examples of output devices include monitors and printers.

Storage Devices are used to store data in a computer. Examples of storage devices include CD/DVD ROM drive, Bluray Drive, Harddisk, Floppy Disks (now obsolete), USB Flash drives.

Buses are connectotrs that connect components within the computer.

  • Data bues are using for carrying information
  • Control buses are used for carry signals.
  • Address bus are used by the processor and memory for communication of the data location in the main memory.

Circuits that connect the computer with peripherals are interfaces. The two main types of interfaces are:

  • Serial interface – Transmit data in serially way.
  • Parallel interfaces – Transmit data in parallel way.



  1. Hardware holds a lot of the information for the computer home base. Without it, it wouldn’t work well. Whoever invited it was one smart person to come up with such an ideal. And with every year here comes a new gadget.

  2. There are so many devices that are required to help operate and run a
    computer. There are many different kinds of computer software and devices. Knowing what the devices are such as knowing what hardware is used and knowing its function as well as it software,hardware,and as well as storage. Each has it’s own function and having the proper devices. There are programs and the memory helps to store information you choose to store. Without the proper devices the computer is worthless.

  3. computer hardware – consist of memory ram , video ram , CPU , display cards keyboard and mouse.

    2 input devices – are peripheral devices including mice ,joysticks , and keyboards

    3 out-put devices – consisting of printers , monitors

    4 storage devices – consist of optical drives ,hard drives ,and flash drives


    1 Data buses are used to transfer data within the computer.
    2 Control buses are used to transfer signal.
    3 Address buses- are used by the processor and memory to communicate to the main memory core

    1 serial interface – transfer data in a serial buses
    2 Parallel interface – transfer data on a parallel buses

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