The CPU ( Central Processing Unit )


The CPU is the most important component in a computer. It acts like a “brain”. CPU contains thousands of electrical circuits and is built on a wafer of silicon called a chip.

There are many kinds of chips in a computer, each containing many electrical circuits. Microprocessor is the chip that is being used for the CPU of a computer. So, what is the function of a CPU? It is used to process information. As mentioned in the earlier post in the computer basics, computer processing involve input, processing and output. Does this 3 steps looks familiar to you? Yes, it is the four basic functions of a computer.

CPU consist of two main components:

Arithmetic and logic unit (A/LU)

This is where all the arithmetic and logical operations take place. As you might already know, arithmetic operations refers to adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, whereas logical operations involve all logical relationships. So, for example, A/LU may compare 3 numbers and determine which is bigger.

Control Unit

This unit acts as a traffic controller. Like the name, it is responsible for controlling and coordinating all the operations in a computer. It is also in charge of transferring information to and from devices such as printer, mouse, keyboard.

The A/LU and the control unit works take place in lightening speed and works phenomenally fast!


  1. CPU
    1 arithmetic and logic unit (a/lu) this does all the adding , subtracting ,multiplying , dividing, logic does logical relations between the numbers to make the right discussion .
    2 control unit – acts as a traffic controller and coordinator of the operations in the CPU.

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